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SeaEnergies history to date and current status:

In house testing starting in 2008 with our wave flume tank, patents applied for and were granted in 2010.

In February 2011 Queen's University Belfast started numerical modeling in November 2011 the completed outcome was very successful.

January 2012 SeaEnergies applied for FP7 Marinet funding to do physical modeling and in May 2012 was awarded testing at Kelvin Hydrodynamics Laboratory, University of Strathclyde.

On the 6th of August Testing started on SeaEnergies model and was finished on 2nd November 2012. Almost 200 wave tank test have been completed and studied. The concept has now been validated - The captured power exceeds expectations predicted from the numerical modeling.

8 Nov 2012
SeaEnergies received an innovation voucher and will be working with HMRC in UCD to update the existing WAMIT model. Stage 1 is now complete and sea energies are planning for stage 2 (TRL 4) to be completed by June 2013.

21 December 2012 SeaEnergies have been seclected to access the EU’s MaRINET funding.
Testing the performance of the device in realistic wave conditions (scaled to the west coast of Ireland), mooring loads and motions will also be measured to help identify for various conditions.
Following these tests,  SeaEnergies will start planning the design of the quarter scale sea-going demonstrator at the Galway wave test site, it is planned to deploy the demonstrator at the Galway Bay Wave Energy Test Site during 2014.

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